Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mama Bear Upate | 9

Happy Early Evening on this Wednesday!

A brief update:

- Mama is home safe and sound after her big trip to Maryland
- She received her second chemotherapy treatment on Thursday (6 days ago)
- With the help of her three medicines she has barely thrown up at all! Praise God!
- She also says she is in much less pain than the first treatment.

Prayer requests right now are: 
- That she stops losing weight :(
- And that she stops feeling nauseous.  Though she isn't throwing up, she still feels very sick to her stomach and doesn't want to eat much at all.  

Today (Wednesday April 4th) she had a port put in so she doesn't have to take her chemo through an IV, which will be a much less painful process.

Thank you for loving her hard! I'll be back in Florida on Easter Sunday.  I can't wait.

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