Friday, December 24, 2010

post 15

How do angels crowd around to see the Son of God take off his robes?
He laid aside his crown; 
He said, 
"My father, 
I am Lord over all, 
blessed forever, 
but I will lay my crown aside, 
and be as mortal men are." 

He strips himself of his bright vest of glory; 
"Father," he says, 
"I will wear a robe of clay, 
just as men wear." 

Then He takes off all those jewels,
 wherewith he was glorified; 
He lays aside his starry mantles
 and robes of light, 
to dress himself in the simple garments of the peasant of Galilee. 

What a solemn disrobing that must have been! 
And next, can you picture the dismissal! 

The angels attend the Saviour through the streets, 
until they approach the doors: 
when an angel announced,
 "Lift up your heads, 
O ye gates, 
and be ye lifted up ye everlasting doors, 
and let the King of Glory through!" 

 The Father sent him! 
To earth!
For you!
Contemplate that subject. 
Let your soul get hold of it,
 and in every period of His life think that He suffered what the Father willed; 
that every step of his life was marked with the approval of the great I AM. 

Let every thought that you have of Jesus
 be also connected with the eternal, ever-blessed God;
sent by His Father,
for His dearly loved you,
according to the beautiful plan and everlasting heart of God.


charles spurgeon