Thursday, March 31, 2011

post 23

a hymn

Spirit of God, descend upon my heart
wean it from earth.
stoop to my weakness, mighty as Thou art,
and make me love Thee as i ought to love.
God and King!
all, all Thine own, 
soul, heart and strength and mind!
i see Thy cross; there teach my heart to cling;
o let me seek Thee, and o let me find.
teach me to feel that Thou art always nigh;
teach me the struggles of the soul to bear
to check the rising doubt, the rebel sigh;
teach me the patience of unanswered prayer.
teach me to love Thee as i ought to love,
one holy passion filling all my frame:
the baptism of the heav'n descended Dove
My heart an altar and Thy love the flame.

george croley
| spirit of God, descend upon my heart


  1. Excellent! Thanks for sharing it! :D I was going to say I like the second verse best, but then I read it all again and now they're all my favorite!

  2. hahah that's awesome ;) i saw just one line from it and was like "i need to see this whole hymn" and my favorite line quickly became ONE of my favorite lineS haha