Monday, February 27, 2012

Mama Bear Update | 3

It's been quite a whirlwind around here!  So much to update on! SO! On Friday morning mom had an x-ray to check how her lung had held up with NO chest tube for 24 hours.  If it was still up and had not collapsed, she would be released to go hooOoome!  We were expecting the x-ray tech between 7:00 and 8:00 am.  She didn't actually leave for her x-ray until after 10:00.  The waiting was painful ;)  When she came back from x-ray we were hoping to hear results fairly quick.  I started packing the room up... We called dad to make sure he could come get her... We didn't order lunch at the hospital... And 11:00 passed... 12:00 passed... 1:00 passed... 2:00 passed... With no results.  Mom wondered if they were afraid to tell her bad news.  
Around 2:30 three doctors came in.  The results weren't quite as positive as we were hoping: her lung had started filling back up again and was not looking "as good" as it had been the day before.  One doctor wanted her to wait 24 more hours in the hospital.  Another thought she could go home, but was shocked that it hadn't stayed up.  The most skeptical of the three finally said "If you PROMISE to take it easy, and you PROMISE to get an X-ray done on Monday, I'll let you go home.  You're so nice and I just feel so bad keeping you here. But know that it's against my better judgement!"  We take that statement to the bank and by 3:30 we were outta there!
We are all very much enjoying have her HERE.  It's just not the same when mama is gone.  Her chest has felt very very tight and she's worn out.  Today (Monday) she kept her promise and went back to get an X-ray.  Since she's feeling not-so-swell she had a feeling her lung may have collapsed again.  But we were thrilled to find out that the top part of her lung had greatly improved!  No collapsing at all :D  The bottom lobe does have more fluid... but that is where the tumor is and to be expected.  We are very excited!

She has an appointment on Wednesday with her oncologist who will be scheduling her PET scan (pray they can do it Thursday or Friday!)  The PET scan will give us the information we need about her spine and liver spots.  Once they have those results we can begin her treatment plan.  We are expecting to start chemo next week.

Thanks for being patient with a very happy, very tired and very engaged blog-updater ;)

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  1. We are keeping you all in our prayers and we're so glad Sue is home with the family! :) Yippppeeee! And CONGRATULATIONS Kristen! So very happy for you and Caleb :) Hugs from MD