Wednesday, November 24, 2010

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"in the beginning there was no earth,
no air,
no fire,
and no water.

there were no up quarks or down quarks.
there were no leptons or nuclei.
there were no oysters,
no fat rabbits,
no fast rabbits,
and no falcons.

no one had invented sperm.
no one had invented man or woman,
magnetism, or cows,
or milk that can be turned to cheese to eat,
or canes excreting sweetness to be mixed with cream to enjoy.

there were no green things to harvest the air with sunlight,
because there was no air, no sun, no green.
there were no aphids,
or ants to defend them.

wings had not been dreamt.
rivers had not been sung.
desert sand had not yet been spread and rippled.

there was no such thing as color - the behavior of light in response to material thing.
there was no such thing as smell - the interpretation of matter by an airborne sampling.
there was no such thing as touch - the physical sensation of contact between two material things.

there were no sight - not of our sort.
no taste.
no ears.
no time.

but there was a Being, spirit, infinite, I AM.
in that being there was One, and there was Many.
there was Love.
there was Joy.
there was true Laughter.
there was a Word, a Voice.
there was an Artist, but not yet art.

but then that Voice said Light,
and extended Himself a finite canvas to paint the only thing worth painting;
to paint the glory of the I AM.
the art has a beginning - it began when time did - but it will have no end.

the Voice will never be silent.
and so He paints."

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